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A practitioner who focuses on improving renewable energy and circular economy.

corporate vision



core competence

Business model innovation

Continuously optimize, improve and innovate for the three major operating models of "self-built solar power plant operation business", "entrusted power plant construction project", and "solar power plant upstream and downstream related business".

service integration innovation

Continuously integrate, optimize, improve and innovate for the four major services of "plant construction and maintenance service", "power plant related equipment and material sales service", "power plant purchase and transfer service", and "matchmaking service".

our core values



Li Tian requires all partners to be aware of their own shortcomings from the heart at all times, and to constantly reflect and examine themselves. Only in this way can the enterprise truly develop downwards and develop upwards.


innovation innovation innovation innovation

Li Tian requires all partners to learn in practice, and to accumulate the kinetic energy of the company's further growth in the process of learning. Only in this way is the only way to establish the company's long-term success.


common good

Litian requires all partners to continuously integrate, optimize, improve and innovate the operation model and services, and deeply implant the DNA of innovation in our bodies.



Li Tian requires all partners to travel around without dying, and to achieve their vision through continuous practice. In addition to being good at corporate and social responsibilities, they also need to be in harmony with the world and all things.

maintenance plan

Not only can it properly complete the construction tasks, but also provide the most complete maintenance management plan for the customers and enterprises it serves.

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